What is to be expected over the next weeks

The statistics in Italy show that Romania is very likely to deal with a crisis of similar proportions, but particularly aggravated by the fact that the health care and governmental infrastructures are far below the capacity of those in Italy.

How can we  help?

The private companies in Romania dispose of a lot of resources that can be used to manage the negative impact of the crisis:
expertise, money, products/stocks, communication channels, etc.
They just must be gathered and organized to be able to maximize the impact.
Today, there is no system able to mobilize such resources in an coherent manner.

What is the plan?

The Entreprenation Community has the experience and expertise to address in a short time-lapse (24 h) new problems and generate solution prototypes based on 24-Hour Challenge format developed and refined during the 7 editions held over the last 4 years.



Gathering in a form the needs/problems of those who experienced the situation in Italy and anticipating the difficulties that may arise in Romania


Setting up support teams

24 Hours Challenge / Hackaton with the aim of generating solutions, in mixed teams of experts, entrepreneurs, and students who assume their implementation.
Online communication through: Zoom / Teams / Hangouts. A team will be composed of: Romanian entrepreneurs, CEOs of partner companies and Entrepreneurship Academy students working together to implement the ideas found. The teams are set up to solve one or several problems of those resulted during the first stage.


Solution implementation at society level

The teams will organize themselves and will work together to be as productive as possible. All teams will work in a project management tool to be able to permanently track the progress.

Organisations that chose to get involved

The first organizations that joined the entrepreneurial community fighting COVID-19 in Romania!


Organisations that are willing to get involved

If your organization can lend a hand, join the entrepreneurial community fighting COVID-19 in Romania!

Current challenges

A. Non-governmental solutions for the SMEs with massive business losses

B. Non-governmental solutions for private individuals losing their sources of income

C. Lack of equipment, consumables, drugs for hospitals

D. Relieving the health care system from mild and moderate medical cases / Alternative care solutions

E. Solutions for second level problems (e.g. children whose parents get sick)

F. Increasing the capacity to disseminate correct information to the population

G. Supporting quality and excellence in the sudden transition to online education

You can inform us about any other problem you think we should solve

Message for entrepreneurs

Ilinca Păun

@The Entrepreneurship Academy

“We need to join our forces.
Get involved now by sharing your ideas, solutions and resources.”


Alexandru Ghiță


Bodan Aron


Oana și Vlad Craioveanu

Impact Hub

Alexandru Ghiță


Bodan Aron


Oana și Vlad Craioveanu

Impact Hub

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