Increasing the capacity to disseminate correct information to the population

Problem description

Many persons are disoriented by the avalanche of information communicated to the public, not knowing if it is credible or not (e.g. fake news, acts of manipulation, information that is not based on scientific facts etc.) At the same time, in certain contexts, efforts are needed to support the state’s capacity to communicate real time messages that are critical for public policies implementation (e.g. the district public health authorities’ capacity to manage calls/queries/complaints coming from the population).

For these challenges we need to build solutions that would allow a correct and efficient information for as many people as possible.

Aspects of the problem

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  • The huge problem is that people are emptying the food and drug stocks;
  • Not everybody has access to internet, especially the elderly. They need more details and warnings on TV;
  • Let’s help the vulnerable understand the quarantine, let’s help them understand that not every rumour is real, let’s help them understand that they should not indulge in panic buying;
  • Elimination of fake news from online and mass-media;
  • The fear of unknown that generated anxiety and panic among people;
  • Support for TelVerde;

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